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salzburg-292x200Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft is a not-for-profit research & development organization 100% owned by the State of Salzburg. Salzburg Research has expertise in information and communication technologies (ICT) research mainly focused on IP-based networks, knowledge technologies and mobile information systems. Salzburg Research is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Salzburg Research is the third largest non-university research center in Austria. It conducts precompetitive research and development projects and strives to build a bridge between academic research and industry with a special focus on transferring knowledge to SMEs.

Salzburg Research participates in SCISSOR with researchers from 2 internal departments (ANC and IoT). The ANC (Advanced Networking Center) has been conducting R&D projects related to robustness and quality of service assurance and measurements in IP networks for the last 15 years. New solutions in sensor technology and robust, reliable and high-performance communication networks are applied e.g. in information systems for emergency services. Open interfaces enhance the interaction between different emergency services and facilitate the integration of third-party systems, such as IT-based facility management systems. Since recently, the ANC department focusses especially on IP communication for industrial control processes, in particular smart grids. Over the course of multiple EU ICT projects the ANC developed a software platform called MINER (see below), which provides an extensible, programmable platform for active/reactive control of distributed measurements and (sensor) data collection. Based on this expertise, ANC will lead the workpackage that establishes the distributed control and coordination layer of SCISSOR.The newly formed IoT (Internet of Things) Group draws on the technical expertise of the KMT (Knowledge and Media Technologies) Group at Salzburg Research, with many years of experience in the area of knowledge based systems and information integration. Staff of the IoT Group has been involved in a number of European and national research projects, and are main contributors of two Open Source frameworks for knowledge-based information management (Apache Marmotta, Apache Stanbol). In SCISSOR, they will contribute to the semantic modelling of the sensor layer and its security policies.

Salzburg Research as an organization as well as the ANC and IoT departments have a huge expertise in carrying out and managing national as well as European R&D projects, e.g. the FP5/6/7 projects INTERMON, NETQOS, MOMENT and PRISM and the Integrated Projects IKS.


The SCISSOR project

European flag The SCISSOR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644425.
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